The Lazy Blogger

Ok, I admit it; rather than saying anything interesting about my life or society, I’ve simply been going to blogdex and scanning the headlines (and adding my link to the list of bloggers covering the same damn story). Don’t worry. I’ll be more substantive soon. In the meantime, here’s Douglas Gantenbein’s article about why realtors suck

But the real knock on realtors is a bit of simple economics that many people don’t understand. Whether you’re buying or selling, they rarely work in your interest. For the buyer, a realtor may seem like a dream?a “free” home-finding chauffeur, who then negotiates the best possible price. But the service isn’t free?the sellers have likely factored the buyer’s agent’s 2.5 percent or 3 percent of the take into their price. Moreover, it’s in the buyer’s agent’s interest to have you pay the most that you’re willing to pay. After all, the higher the price, the larger their commission.







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