Why I am Not Literary Today (or on Other Days)

Though my blogging may indicate otherwise, in fact my central concern of life is writing stories and thinking long and hard about literature. I am envious of people like Dan Green, Matt Cheney and Scott Esposito who have written so widely on literary topics. These are worthy writers and I certainly admire their essays. But I can’t write casually about literary and artistic matters. I must be profound or eloquent or penetrating even if I rarely can accomplish this. As it happens, I have 4 unfinished posts, which I hope eventually to get around to posting. I have a story project I’m trying to launch and books read which I have interesting thoughts about (well, interesting to me).

People like Cheney and Esposito, besides reading an awful lot, also do a great job of capturing their reactions to everything they read in books or the blogosphere. And of course, Dan Green has raised my consciousness so much about contemporary fiction and enjoyment that I must pay him homage every chance I get. I cannot do that, either because of limitations of time or writing temperament. I am not a barometer (sensing architectonic changes ) or an X-Ray machine(recording impressions given off by certain works of art ; I am a microphone (amplifying voices and dramatic personae around me) and a microscope (focusing on microbial thoughts that usually go undetected and unnoticed).

Oh, and another thing, I’ll be spending the next few days buying 1 or 2 new PC’s.



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