How to find Good music on Netlabels is a great source of free music, but it’s hard to navigate through. (Time will only tell if the same thing happens with Ourmedia–on first glance, its “editor” concept seems to counter precisely that problem).

Unfortunately, the most common way to find stuff is just to look at the what’s new page. However, another way to find cool stuff is to search through the forum and to search by reviewer. Posters on the forum are also publishing m3u playlists, a grand idea. (Some of the webjay people have included stuff in their playlists). So far, Laj seems to be the big forum poster and reviewer. As mentioned before, I’ve posted brief reviews (“audio descriptions” would be the better term) of music I’ve found. For those of you who don’t know, Netlabels publishes creative commons or public domain music by individual artists or small labels. Almost all the music is avante-garde, electronic and sometimes unlistenable! If you want to be wowwed, check out this music (which reminds me of Thomas Tallis).