Thanks, Google!

Extremely useful: how to convert public domain full texts on Google Print to Project Gutenberg texts using OCR. Heck, I was planning on OCRing Dorothy Scarborough’s Supernatural in Modern English Fiction until I realize it has already been scanned by Google. Now I can cancel my Interlibrary Loan requests. Thanks google!

I just found Fundamentals of Fiction Writing by Arthur Sullivant Hoffman (1922). Also, here’s Scarborough’s From a Southern Porch. Geez, finding these PD works can be a fulltime job!

(Yet another example of how the Google has lowered the cost of running a library).






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  1. bowerbird Avatar

    um, don’t cancel those interlibrary loan requests.

    you’ll find that a paper-copy might be necessary
    to correct the o.c.r. when the scan is ambiguous.

    furthermore, you might want to look at this:

    i’ve detailed that a comparison of the o.c.r. results
    from google and o.c.a. (if they’ve both done a book)
    can result in a nearly-perfect text with very little work.


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