Second Life Videostream Notes

A few random notes about the talk (by the way, I’m adding to this same post after I post it once–the talk has started).  

  • Last night I reacquainted myself with how to use SL (it’s been a while). Wow, it’s easy  to forget all this information if it’s not fresh on your brain.
  • Wow, those SL updates are really gigantic files. (20 mb!)
  • As nice as the concept of SL is, in practice I find little practical value in just strolling through gamespaces.   Wow, look at the pretty whirling ball! Wow, look I can fly!
  • Since I arrived early, the presenter had time to get me teleported to the right spot.  Then he added me to his friend list and then transferred folders full of landmarks/bookmarks. That is probably the most amazing thing about SL–the ability to share/transfer/view objects effortlessly between players.
  • as ludicrous as it sounds, it actually makes perfectly sense to hear a talk in meatspace about SL.  That gives you to opportunity to interact with individuals who might actually ignore you in real life.
  • Tringo (SL offshoot morphed into its own video game).
  • growth rates: 3 million residents 1/2007 to 5.7 million in 4/2007. Online now: 13,000 (1/2007) to 26,000 (4/2007).
  • currency conversions from dollar to Linden dollars. 286 linden dollars to 1 USD.
  • Pathfinder Linden. (outreach program to academia for SL).
  • llhttprequest: allows you to interact with web. API for exchanging data with CMS (such as Sloodle/Slurlicious/Sloog, Bloghud/Live Streams)
  • SL: lets you retain ownership . (SL doesn’t own it). Created virtual laptops for students to use.
  • SL Best Practices in Education conference upcoming May 25 ; wow, MIT 5 Collaboration conference is taking place as we speak! (Holy cow, and I was all prepared to fly to Boston for it!)
  • here are his lecture notes (with SLURLS).
  • business models for SL universities? Unclear now; now, it’s just a lot of early adopters.
  • Q: Can you make yourself handicapped as an avatar? (Surely). Update: There are wheelchairs you can ride in, with attendent accessibility problems.
  • Q: bandwidth in classroom:  Upstream averages 80 kbps, spikes to 400 kpbs; average downstream is 30kpbs.
  • Q: group tours (yes, if you exchange landmarks with players in virtual space)
  • SL groups–you can im all group members, skype is enabled. Voice is spatially sensitive. Enables voice communication into the environment.
  • Stability problems. What happens if SL is down? (class is dismissed?)
  • Blurring of reality and fantasy: Different attitudes toward SL: some regard it as purely fantasy while others view it as simply another kind of meatspace.
  • Getting married in SL. (“I can’t engage in a virtual marriage as well as a real life marriage”). Some can compartmentalize worlds; others are not as adept.
  • don’t accept random teleports from people you don’t know. (“I did once and was trapped around lots of naked bodies doing crazy things”).
  • Teacher Buzz Sessions
  • Money Trees (getting free money) exist in SL.
  • How much money does it cost for a teacher to get started in SL? What do educators spend their money on? (Unanswered).







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