Erica is moving up!

Erica O’Grady asks herself why she isn’t the number #1 Erica on search results. I know why: because I haven’t put her on my blogroll! (Erica is a Houston friend who knows about all the hot new things six months before I hear about them–and I consider myself a pretty early adopter).

This silly thing began when Matt Mullenweg tried to be the number one Matt on google. Over Matt Damon, for instance. Apparently he succeeded. (I am not linking to you Matt: no more google juice for you!).

Unfortunately my quest to become the #1 Robert has a long way to go. I am currently at about 250 or so. Still to beat: Scoble, Cringely, Parker, Schumann, De Niro, Rodriguez, Heinlein, Johnson. Byrd, Then some other Robert’s who apparently are famous for random things: Sabuda (pop up books), Hooke (biologist), J. Sawyer (sci fi novelist), Pottinson (actor in Harry Potter movies), Burns, Kennedy, Rich (music composer), Evans (ruby programmer), Occhialini (some random geek who actually goes to SXSW), Ingersoll (19th century US orator). Hopefully, my place in the world will rise over the next few years; the only problem that more and more Robert’s will be joining the ranks of the living (curse those Latin American fertility rates!) At least, Robert Burns’ google juice won’t be getting better.






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