Our Health Care Impasse

Congress is deadlocked about how not to provide health care.

Update:  More seriously, the excruciating detail of the debate can paralyze anyone.

Here are the most  perceptive pieces I’ve caught in the last 24 hours. 

Milt Shook on why the legislative process (with filibuster and all) is still preferable to reconciliation.

MediaMatters corrects all the factual errors of a WSJ piece by Senator Coburn.

The Wonkroom explains the differences between the Baucus committee bill and the merged senate bill.

Ezra Klein explains why individual mandates are needed, or else those who opt-in will face an ever-increasing spiral of costs. Hmm, didn’t Edwards and Clinton already say that in the campaign?

Robert Reich points out that proposals to allow prescription drugs to be imported into the US has been defeated.

I’ll confess something. Health care is an important policy issue to me, and I try to stay informed about what is going on. But unless I were to stay at home monitoring legislative developments most of the day,  I still would not be able to keep up.  Help! I’m drowning in health care minutiae!

(Now back to climate change).






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