Sometimes my reviews may be tainted by various factors – by knowing the author or getting a freebie. I don’t want to  exaggerate these things – I can still do a decent review, but I do mention this association at the end of a review..in the interest of full disclosure.

I believe that  is perfectly all right to review books by people you know. In fact, your familiarity with their style and their vision may help your review to be more informed.

Are my reviews too positive? Frankly, I don’t want to waste  time reviewing mediocre things. It’s almost a given that every review I  write is going to be positive.

See my long discussion of these issues in Disclaimers & Conflicts of Interest 101. This basically covers everything.

Here then is a list of potential conflicts of interest in things I review.

  • Gambler’s Nephew by Jack Matthews. I am writing a collection of essays about Jack Matthews and am helping him to sell ebook versions of some titles (though not this one).  I received a free review copy of this book. (My Review)
  • Jade: The Outlaw by Robert Flynn. Flynn was my writing teacher at college and has written teacher recommendations for me on more than one occasion. We stay in touch. (My Review)
  • Solomon Scandals by David Rothman. I am good friends with David Rothman. I used to work with him in editing and handling backend stuff of Teleread. (My review)







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