Hating Bad Customer Service (and Paying for more of it)

It’s official. Skype.com has the worst customer service I have ever seen. I have had an outstanding billing question for over 7 months, and I still have not received a reply. It was easy to look up and easy to answer, and I sent several identical requests (and doublechecked my email spam filters, etc). Yet the renewal reminders still came like clockwork.

My skypein account was set to expire yesterday, so what did I do? I renewed (and in fact paid twice the amount I paid last year). That’s the reward for horrible customer service. (I am happy to report that at least the payment receipt arrived punctually in my Inbox.  I did also  find a partial answer to my question on the Skype forums (if only I had known to look).

I would have liked nothing better than to switch to a competitor, but face facts: Skype is the only significant competitor in town that offers the panoply of products that they do.

Question: how many times have you paid for a product or service even though you knew the customer service was/would be atrocious?






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  1. Marc Avatar

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