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Advertising Guidelines

Starting in November 2018 I am  running on the right sidebar  ebook ads, basically a one line tag line with a book cover. Right now, my focus is on promoting high quality indie titles on Smashwords (because of their great affiliate incentives for websites). But I would certainly entertain other kinds of ads — especially of the ebook variety. Although this blog sometimes gets pretty dormant, I expect 2018-9 to be a very busy time on this blog, with lots of literary/Texas traffic especially. I expect to be writing a lot of book reviewers and literary-type blogposts. Also, I hope to expand to another site which is more review-focused, so there is potential for ads here to go on the other site as well.

Here is information about how to submit an ebook ad for a Smashwords title. Note:  Ebook ads stay on my website (all 2900 pages worth!) for a full month. I plan the ads and placement on the first day of every month.

If you have a conventional non-Smashwords ebook ad in mind, I’m open to it and can quote you a rate.  I don’t do CPM ads or third party ads, but I can quote you a reasonable monthly rate.  The most important thing to me is helping out other indie authors and artists.

About ads:

  • All Ads will appear as a widget within this wordpress blog (i.e., they are not third-party).  That means ad-blockers will never hide your ad.
  • Visitors from mobile sites will not see the ads (or rather they will only see them at the bottom of the post). I am using a wordpress theme which does this on purpose.
  • An image-based ad is ok (no longer than 30K), but it has to be static and not too distracting. Prefer an  image that is somewhat abstracted or simple or design-oriented.
  • Generally starts at the beginning of the month
  • I am not tracking your clickthroughs (that’s your job!)

Type of Acceptable Ads

Let me say first that I have a strong preference for indie literary ads.

  • ebook titles (especially fiction or indie titles or )
  • singers/musicians
  • magazines
  • local arts events or organization.
  • things I might see myself buying. For example, I don’t think a Harlequin book would be a good fit (I”d never read it), but an offbeat chick lit thing or a comic book wouldn’t phaze me).
  • NSFW is ok (within reason!) but the clickthrough page should be tasteful and hopefully have no nudity.

About this blog (As of Feb 2012)

  • (Ouch! This data is way out of date. I’ll update soon!)
  • 10+ years old. Majority of the content is LONG thoughtful content.
  • updated once or twice a week
  • Content in the last year has been on literary topics and book reviews
  • 15,000-20,000 page views per month;  10,000-15,000  unique visitors a month. In previous years it has been 20,000-25,000 per month.
  • 75% of traffic is US, 7% is UK,  7% is English (country unspecified).
  • Google page rank 5.
  • Average stay on site is 1 minute 20;
  • 90% of visitors are new
  • 86% are Search Traffic; 7% is referral traffic; 7% is direct traffic.
  • a sizable amount of content has a Texas theme; a sizable amount of content is about literature and the arts
  • in the past 2 years, I would break down the content like this: literature/ebooks 40%, climate change 30%,  my literary essays 20% and miscellaneous stuff 10%.

Instructions for Setting Up Ads.

  1. Make sure you already have a rectangle ad or skyscraper ad, and that what you promoting conforms to the guidelines about acceptable ads (see above).
  2. Send me an email about availability. (You can also include ad copy).
  3. After I approve, you will need to paypal money, and the ad will run at the date we agree.