Facades of Albania Pallati’s

Some of you might already know, but I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Albania. I’ve actually written a lot of essays and taken a lot of photos, but haven’t had the chance to post them in a while. One of the Peace Corps people took some stunning photographs of front facades of Albania in highrises. Albania is in many ways an ugly place, but even with that, the architecture and the odd juxtapositions are striking. Such is the case with the pyramid in downtown Tirana, designed by the dictator’s daughter. It is awfully impractical, idiotically designed, but one of the oddest most enjoyable places I’d ever visited. There are lots of places to sit down outside, and children regularly climb to the top of the building to slide down from. You have to see to believe.

Albanian pallati scene Albanian pallati2 pallati 3 pallati 4







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