Sara Hickman’s Funniest Moments

Sara Hickman is not only a great singer, she’s a great weblogger and probably one of the funniest women I’ve read. She has been writing her 20 Biggest Highlights from her Musical Past (most of which involve something embarrassing). Now it looks like she hasn’t updated her site to reflect the latest moment. Click more to read an excerpt (sorry Sara for stealing your thunder a little, but webloggers need a scoop once in a while!)

One day, as were walking to school, my girlfriends were talking about whom they had chosen to love the rest of their lives, when I blurted out, “Well, I’m NEVER getting married…I’m just going to live with George Burns!” You would have thought I would have
just invited them over for brocolli and tea. The look on their faces was pure horror.

Well, when I got home that day, I told my mom I wanted to write George Burns. So, we went to the library to find his mailing address. Back in those days, it was so exciting to ask the librarian: Do you have the address for George Burns? She made a big deal of finding this GIANT book, full of celebrity contact info. I thought I would faint when she exclaimed, “Here it is!”

So, I wrote George. But, I also sent him photographs of myself. And a map to my home. I invited him to dinner, and I SWORE I wouldn’t tell a SOUL he was coming to visit.

We popped it in the mail, the envelope decorated with my cheery drawings. And we waited. And we waited.

And soon, I forgot all about it.

One day, I came home from school, and my mom was practically tipsy: “It’s here! It’s here!” She was dancing around, holding an envelope in her hand, asking if she could open it. With that, I pursued my mom around the house until the letter was safely in MY hands, at which point I
carefully, thoughtfully slipped a finger under the back seal where GEORGE BURNS (complete with address!) in maroon ink was embossed on the back of the envelope.

The letter was glorious. I was so happy… I must have re-read and re-read that letter 8,000 times. Even though he told me he wasn’t coming to Houston any time soon, he thought I was a GOOD LOOKING KID and he CERTAINLY APPRECIATED the MAP!!!

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