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Source XML

Web Standards/Ebook Standards


Creation Tools

Place to Find Ebooks

Browser-Based Readers and .epub

Generalized Container Format. More general form of the IDFP Open Container Format. Introductory article by Jon Noring and Draft of Specifications (currently in progress).

Naebl (Not Another Ebook)

Amazon Kindle

Other E-Ink Devices


Wiki/Blog Novels




Comparison Tables

Font Usage/Selection


Flash Player for PocketPC

HTML to print/pdf

Conversion Tools

Creation Tools/How To’s

Forums/Discussion Groups

Articles by Robert Nagle

Scanning/Public Domain/Project Gutenberg How to’s

General XML Links

Creative Commons

Business Models/Micropayments/Tipping


Server Side Solutions (Integration with CMS)

Submit-Your-Own-Ebook Site

  • DPP Press: Upload, and Receive 60% Royalties
  • Smashwords, an ebook creation site that lets readers preview books before buying it.






7 responses to “Ebook Creation Links”

  1. bowerbird Avatar


    i’ve got an e-book format called
    “zen markup language”…

    it’s a no-markup form of markup.

    z.m.l. — it’s two steps better than x.m.l.


  2. rjnagle Avatar

    Thanks. I browsed at the site before, but probably should look again.

  3. bowerbird Avatar

    um, nope, that’s not my site.

    it appears to be someone who
    is using the very same name for
    a concept that’s not quite the same
    (since my z.m.l. is _not_ targeted at
    the goal of creating x.m.l. output),
    which is rather unfortunate…

    at any rate, my z.m.l. website is at:
    > http://www.z-m-l.com
    and though there is nothing there
    quite yet, there will be soon…

    for now, try these:
    > http://snowy.arsc.alaska.edu/bowerbird/test-suite/zml11rules.txt
    > http://snowy.arsc.alaska.edu/bowerbird/test-suite/test-suite.zml


  4. Lee Avatar

    I think you ought to add Feedbooks to your list of ebook sites. It’s very well-run, and the formatting of the books is excellent. You can even download to the Kindle.

  5. Robert Nagle Avatar

    Whoops. I forgot. Now added.

  6. Make your own Website Avatar

    Excellent resources. You have made my day. I have a sideline interest in old fairy tale renderings from the 20s 30s and 40s and have been toying with the idea of creating ebooks to store my faves into perpetuity. Now I have everything I need to make it more than just a thought. Thanks heaps.

  7. anape Avatar

    There are quite many eBook creation tools available on the Web, both free and paid:

    Calibre (used for library management, conversion, and transferring to devices)

    eCub (a cross-platform tool for creating EPUB and MobiPocket books)

    Sigil (can edit existing EPUBs)

    Atlantis Word Processor (converts any document to EPUB; supports multilevel TOCs, font embedding, and batch conversion)

    There are also plugins for OpenOffice.

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