Interviewing Me (Now at a Special Low Price!)

Attention mainstream media! After hearing about how the chance to interview Paris Hilton will cost a talk show somewhere in the high six figures, I’ve decided to offer an early bird special:

For a mere $99,000, you can interview me (Robert Nagle) in the flesh. We can talk about

  1. books I’ve read
  2. why my apartment is a mess
  3. my in depth thoughts about kiwis and high definition formats
  4. my infatuation with my big red rubber ball
  5. why I still love Albania
  6. my love life (or lack of one).

Also, for those who act now, you also receive my thoughts about the future (who will be president, when the nuclear war will start, when I plan to get a dog, when America currency will start falling).






One response to “Interviewing Me (Now at a Special Low Price!)”

  1. Erica Avatar

    Can I interview you for a discount if we already discussed #2? And we talked movies, but not books….


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