Karl Rowe is not evil

As much as I disagree with his political point of view, I don’t like how liberals treat Karl Rowe as evil incarnate. Yes, he is a misguided  cynic  adept at playing political hardball (and exploiting the ignorance of the average voter). He really shouldn’t be given the president’s ear, but he’s not killing babies.  We shouldn’t blame the president’s inability to make sensible decisions on Bush’s minions. We should put the blame on Bush himself (and the people who voted for him).






3 responses to “Karl Rowe is not evil”

  1. Capt. Jean-Luc Pikachu Avatar

    Karl Rowe may not be evil, but Karl Rove is the devil. :-p

  2. Michael Mueller Avatar

    Hope God has mercy when the final judgement is here.I dont think it matters whether you are a liberal or Neo-kon, it is your action which count.

  3. paula Avatar

    i used to believe all men are created equal but i got to say most people in the republican party are just plain ignorant. a different world with no values. karl rowe if not evil….is one of them. the man certainly has low esteem and that is why he tries to be in control……might try doing a nice thing for someone……..i do not care about his personal life except when he inflicts pain on others. that is what people do who are hateful…..sorry for americans who are to ignorant to understand what this man is about…..maybe that’s who you are.

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