Brain Transplant will commence

After weighing my hardware options very carefully, I have decided to attempt a complete motherboard replacement and a repair installation on Windows with a new video card. Yes, that sounds like a lot, but it saves me the trouble of replacing the hard drives, DVD writer, power supply, RAM and case. If it fails, I’ll return the motherboard and just start with a fresh new system (but with the same SATA hard drives).

Here are the risks that I foresee:

  1. basic problems with seating the motherboard in the case (grounding it properly, etc)
  2. seating the fan properly
  3. hoping that the Zalman fan and the new PCI-X graphics card will fit inside the miniATX motherboard (and more importantly, not being blocked by the humungous fan!)
  4. hoping the memory will work
  5. hoping that the case connections don’t fail. (I think the front light is causing problems).
  6. will the Windows repair installation work? (I won’t really shed a tear if it doesn’t. I have my C drive completely backed up).

Will report in a day or two which of these gave me problems.

Related: I have reached the conclusion that you can never have too many USB hard drives.

Update: This experiment was  a failure. Oh well!






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