Viral Video Film School Hilarity

ok, here’s some utterly hilarious videos from current TV. The series called Virus Video Film School and narrated by the very clever Brett Erlich. All of these are 3 minute and safe for work  (but there is a lot of adult language).

The dumbest how-to videos (my favorite is the dish washing video), a look at birthday videos, an amazing satirical look at haul videos (videos where people show off the things they bought), medical help how-to videos,  a selection of the worst demo-reels (and demo reels for demo reel production companies),  videos about pets playing with machines, amateur talent on youtube, using boobs to attract interest in your videos, goofy commercials, and the challenges that Internet celebrities face when making their second video ,

Also, the funniest ways to die (not one of Brett’s, but still great fun).

This is a short post (and each video segment is 3 minutes long), but trust me, all of these are outstanding pieces of comedy.  I still laugh at the smallest details.



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