Doris Day’s Secret Life

by Robert Nagle on 5/30/2012

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Today, while waiting in line at the supermarket, I picked up a tabloid with the headline “Doris Day’s Secret Life.” I was mildly curious, if only because these tabloid publications rarely covered celebrities from so far back.   It’s hard to remember that merely because celebrities drop out of public life doesn’t mean that they’re dead.  (Ask Luise Rainer) . I read recently that one of the Andrew Sisters was still alive (a fact that both shocks and exhilarates me). If/When I am 90, what will I think about the world or technology or pop culture?

Anyway, I thumbed through the pages of the tabloid for the article – skipping through various entertainment news, astrology columns, that sort of thing. I wondered  if  addictions or sexual peccadilloes or personal tragedies would be part of this secret life, but when I came to the article on the last page, I learn that Doris Day was an old person in California  who didn’t like interviews. In fact, the apparent reason for this  lazy article was that Doris Day was promoting her charity for stray animals.

So that is Doris Day’s secret life!!!! Now I should be satisfied.

Update: Apparently Doris Day has had a lot of romantic heartbreak in her life (also here).  In the seventies she  was  involved in a lawsuit of epic proportions against her husband’s business partner which lasted for 15 years and which she won  (although not to great result). All things considered, perhaps it is fitting that Doris Day’s secret life should remain  a secret.

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