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What I’m Watching/Reading 2018

As of October 2011, I created an index of books I reviewed here. I will continue to list books I am currently reading here, but I will not attempt to write capsule reviews or even to link to them. For that you should check the index of books I reviewed. Movie Reviews will continue to be listed and annotated as before. See also my my 2017 reading list,  2016 Reading/Watching List, my 2014 Reading/Watching List, my 2013 Reading/Watching List, 2012 Reading/Watching List, 2011 Reading/Watching List,  2010 Reading/Watching List, 2009 Reading/Watching List, 2008 Reading/Watching List , 2007 Reading/Watching List my previous Sept 2004 to Oct 2005 reading list or my Nov 2005 to Nov 2006 Reading List , so definitely check that out as well. See also my Best of 2006 for a scoop about favorites. See also Writers who have Changed Me. A few remarks. I’m reading several books at a time, and to be honest, sometimes I don’t read all of them depending on the content or my interest. Usually however, it’s been a matter of attention span and what other projects I’ve been doing. Also, you might want to check my favorite novels, and my Amazon.com wishlist. Also here’s an annotated photo of my bookshelf Also, I haven’t read most of these books, but I’ve been setting up Amazon lists of classic Texas novels (100 novels and counting). You also might enjoy reading my Amazon list of Unforgettable Forgettable Novels. I’ve also started adding my book inventory to librarything.com. At the bottom of this page you will find a list of movies I’ve been watching.

Starting in 2017 I read a lot more books than I did in previous years. That is good, although I rarely read for pleasure. More often, I’m just going through nonfiction books to learn something specific — either for a book or a story. In 2018 I will be focusing more on fiction, my main love. Let’s see if I actually do it.


  1. Phantom Tollbooth, Annotated Edition
  2. Various bios of Erasmus; also In Praise of Folly and Colloquies
  3. Lone Star: History of Texas and the Texans: TR Fehrenbach
  4.  Listening is an Act of Love, Anthology of Oral stories edited by Dave Isay
  5. Samuel Johnson is Indignant. Stories by Lydia Davis
  6. Madame Bovary — new Lydia Davis translation
  7. Letters of Obscure Men by Ulrich Von Hutten and others, Translated by Francis Griffin Stokes. Unfortunately this book just reprints an early 1909 translation, which is terrible.
  8. Melville Correspondence.
  9. Telomere Effect by Elizabeth Blackburn


  1. Manchester by the Sea
  2. Various Globetrekker Pilot Productions tourism shows… All amazing!
  3. A walk in the Woods. A wonderful unambitious comedy.
  4. Opera: Norma by Bellini,