Friday May 11, 10am – 12pm: Ebooks, Textbooks and Digital Storytelling

(I’ll be giving a video lecture in mid May with the Greater Houston Education Collaboration Group. You can view it online afterwards if you wish. I’ll provide more details later, but here’s the lecture description for now. The URL for the talk will be here. )

Ebooks, Textbooks and Digital Storytelling
(Friday May 11, 10am – 12pm)
The Internet has arrived; what is happening to books? And reading? Robert Nagle will discuss the latest trends in digital publishing and explore its implications for students and teachers:

  • Is reading really in decline? What do the statistics mean?
  • Ebooks vs. Web Pages vs. Print Pages: A Pedagogical Comparison
  • Opportunities and pitfalls of using online textbooks (will they kill the educational textbook market?)
  • Tips, Tools & Techniques for Creating Successful Story Environments Online (along with a quick survey of successful examples)
  • Legal and Social Issues related to Online Storytelling

Robert Nagle has a master’s degree in creative writing and a background in college teaching. After serving as a Peace Corps (in Albania), he worked as a technical writer for Dell Computers and Texas Instruments. He keeps a personal blog about literature, technology and culture; also he writes fiction under various pseudonyms. He tells stories with the Houston Storyteller’s Guild and is close to launching the Personville Story Network (a storytelling podcast featuring Texas storytellers). He is a contributing writer to , a publication that covers trends in ebooks, digital libraries, reading technologies and publishing.




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  1. Mary OConnor Avatar may be of interest to you. It’s a website for user-created mp3 stories, uploaded by the user and sold on a commission basis.

  2. rjnagle Avatar

    Thanks. I’ll definitely check it out and share it with my podcast participants/listeners.

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