Robert’s Ultimate Guide to all 24 hours of Pharrell Williams’ Happy Video

About this Video || 12:00 AM – 3:59 AM || 4:00AM – 7:59AM || 8:00AM – 11:59AM || 12:00 PM – 3:59 PM || 4:00PM – 7:59PM || 8:00PM – 11:59 PM || List of Names & References

Click any of the above links to browse through the dancers for various hours of 24 hours of Happy. I started this webpage in 2014, but stopped in 2017 in the face of life events and technical issues preventing me from doing so. July 16 2023 I figured out a solution to the technical issues. Instead of putting everything on a single page, I subdivided the 24 hours into 6 blocs of 4 hours each. That still leaves the hardest part — making screenshots that aren’t terrible — but I think I can populate the rest of the 4 minute blocks relatively quickly. This blog post has been shortened considerably and contains three things: 1)a long description about the music video project, 2)a long list of names of people involved in the project and 3)blog comments which have been very helpful. Also, thanks to Rob O.’s information about street addresses for the Happy project, I hope to trace the map of all 24 hours! ]

Here’s a running list of the Happy Dancers in the Pharrell Williams official 24 Hours of Happy video. At the very bottom of this web page is a list of everybody’s names, and I’m beginning to cross-index their dance times.  I’m not going to try to rate these dance vids too harshly; the main purpose of this page is just to list the dances and identify the people. Asking people to do impromptu dances on a city street is hard enough. So everybody receives 1 star unless there’s something highly unusual about it (with 3 stars being the best).

The Fastcocreate article about the filming said that filming took 11 days and 2 separate days for Pharrell’s stuff.

Those chosen by audition had the advantage of getting the song in advance, allowing them to rehearse their moves. But on the day itself, everyone got just one take, including Pharrell. “That’s what accounts for the charm,” says Valdes. “Everyone knew they had one shot–this was their moment to go all out, and we love that.” “The video’s imperfections, the funny bloopers and mess-ups, are what give it character,” says Pharell, whose own performances alternated between what he calls “semi-choreographed” (see the bowling alley at 11:00 p.m.) and improvisation. “I’m not interested in perfection. It’s boring. Some of my favorite moments are accidental. There’s one where I’m underground. I was turning a corner just as a train was coming in our direction, and it stopped right on cue! It was weird. The universe gave us great moments that day.”  … WAFLA chose to shoot in Los Angeles, … starting at sunrise in Downtown L.A., moving to LAX, Silver Lake, Echo Park and Hollywood, among other places, ultimately circling back to Downtown.

Says a crew member:

I was lucky enough to be a part of this as the location manager. It was a rough one. Not sure how Jon (Beattie)  did it. We did 12-15 hour days. There was a crew of 15-20 people with us at all times. Sometimes when we where shooting, we would have to make a u-turn to head back the other way. So all of a sudden, this mob of people would have to stand behind the camera, and do a 180 in sync. It was madness. There would also be times when we had to make a quick decision on which way to go. We would scout ahead and find out that the street was blocked, so at the last second, we changed the route. We also had fun with the talent. We would find someone walking down the street, and invite them to be a part of the video. It turned out amazing.

Says another:

The biggest obstacle was the fact that we were walking backwards through non-locked off streets and side walks. I ran into many a telephone pole and street sign, and on several occasions had to crawl under John to stay out of the picture. It was a lot of fun to work on, and I think the 4 minute edited version looks great.

Background about the Video: 2 Minute Behind-the-Scenes Video and interview with the directors, Fastcocreate profile of the production process, A video production blog describes the lens, filming process, etc. I just learned that the steadicam guy who shot most of the vids was Jon Beattie.

Other articles with lots of photos and snarkinessWe Watched Pharrell Williams 24 Hours Happy Video so you didn’t have to , Pitchfork’s 5 Best Things about the Happy Video, Christopher Grant Harris expanded account of dancers (with generous screenshots); Wikipedia page for the Pharrell Williams Happy song (it doesn’t yet have a separate page).

My favorites so far are:  Happy Hair! 3:32AM,  Bollywood-style dancer Monica Moskatow  7:56AM, Elegant Blonde Girl in Street 9:56 AM (just magical!),  Jiggly guy with a fan 11:28AM,  Preteen Acrobatic Girl 12:28 PM, Asian Gene Kelley 1:28 PM,  2 Asian guys in tuxes in front of a Star Bucks 2:20pm,  Girl in Polka Dotted Dress 7:16PM (unbelievably good!) Man on Stilts at 7:36 PM,  Amazing & Speedy Guy at 10:44 PM (Amazing Choreography!), 2 Cute & Entertaining Girls at the Bowling Alley 11:08PM,  Hula Hoop Girl 11:40 PM  (but seriously I’m only getting started)

How to Help:  If you know the name of any of the dancers, mention it in the comment section. (If you were one of the dancers who participated, drop me a line — I’d love to do a brief interview!). I’d also like to identify the buildings and neighborhoods if you know it. (I will probably look through Youtube comments for help, but give me time!) .  April 2 Update: I’m currently gathering information about places where everything was shot. I hope to have a nice map showing landmarks and dance paths fairly soon.  Stay tuned. I definitely appreciate everybody who identifies the dancer’s name. By the way, I’m behind on doing my screenshots and commentary, but the index of all the actors (at bottom) is updated every day.

Tangential Aside #1: You may already have heard about the fatal car accident of Courtney Ann Sanford, caused by the Facebook update she posted while driving, “The Happy Song makes me fell so happy.”  What a tragedy! I do not condone texting while driving (and certainly don’t believe the song deserves any blame here), but this page needs to acknowledge that a song about being happy is just a song — ephemeral, distracting and even a bit escapist. All humans need a little bit of happy  in their lives, but we also need to recognize that happiness — like life itself — is a fragile commodity. Ultimately this dance video (and this page) is precisely a celebration of this ephemerality — while we still have time. Tangential Aside #2: You knew it was going to happen: some repressive regime was going to ban the song “Happy” or arrest the people who made the dance clip.  Seems like Iran couldn’t resist the opportunity to steal the thunder.  (Read more) This seems to come straight out of a Kundera novel.

Dance Credits


List of  24 Hours of Happy Dancers

(Taken from the Credits;  when I get time, I’ll try to add times to each dancer’s name)

Special Guests

  • Buddy
  • Steve Carell 5:08 pm
  • Miranda Cosgrove 5:40 pm
  • Tyler, The Creator 6:16pm
  • Cyrcle
  • Gavin DeGraw
  • Urijah Faber & Michaella Tastad 8:36am
  • Luisa Fernanda Espinosa
  • Francesco
    • Jamie Foxx 5:28 pm
  • Ryan Heffington
  • Whit Hertford 1:04am
  • Magic Johnson 5:36am
  • JoJo 6:16pm
  • Jimmy Kimmel 11:48am
  • Leah LaBelle 12:00 PM
  • Alonso Mateo
  • Sérgio Mendes 10:32 am
  • Ana Ortiz 5:32pm
  • Kelly Osbourne 1:28am
  • Issa Rae
  • Fatima Robinson
  • Golden Sisters 11:36am
  • Bevy Smith
  • Earl Sweatshirt
  • Rob Zabrecky 10:12am
  • Odd Future 1:48 pm


  • Anna Abovyan
  • Kim Adams
  • Zaire Adams
  • Gianna Adams
  • Lisa Alcindor
  • Logan Alexander
  • Ben Allen
  • Lynette Almeron
  • Katrina Amato
  • Armond Anderson-Bell
  • Mecca Vazie Andrews
  • Rachel Angelini
  • Michael Angeloe
  • Kenny Apel
  • Judy Aquino
  • Freddie Araujo
  • CJ Archuceta
  • Ohmar De Arida
  • Leonard Baker
  • Belinda Bales
  • Natasha Zohra Banon
  • (uncredited?: Nathan J.  Barnatt? 11:16AM  His other dance videos are here and here )
  • Mary Bartnicki
  • Lauren Barzman
  • Megan Batoon 6:44pm
  • Dina Bedenko
  • Michael Beinuthy
  • Francis Raziel R. Belandres
  • Brianna Benford
  • Jude Berberian
  • Richard Berdecia
  • Lauren Bernard
  • Dave Birr
  • Nora Boghassian
  • Itsoso Bolivar
  • Amber Boone
  • Dena Bordelon
  • Brandee
  • Ray Brickerson 7:16am
  • Myesha Brown
  • Paula Bryisk
  • Al Burke
  • Delaney Burke
  • Alexander Burke
  • Kathryn Burns
  • Erin Burts
  • Bei Caldice
  • Kelly Campbell
  • Lucian Carter
  • Bryan Carter
  • Jacquan Carter
  • Shaquille Carter
  • Melissa Castillo
  • Erica Castillo
  • Ingel Catindrg
  • Josephine Cavalluzzi
  • Danielle Chambers
  • Seaonna Chanadet
  • Remey Chanadet
  • Cravon Charles
  • Joshua Christophe
  • Michael Churien
  • Germana Cifani
  • Tifani Ciotti
  • Stefani Ciotti
  • Joelle Claret
  • George Clarke
  • Alfonso “Enzo” Colichon
  • Brian Corona
  • Nicole Crepeau
  • Iman Crosson (aka Alphacat) 12:40pm
  • Omar Crossor
  • Joshua Curtis
  • Teresa Dablquest
  • Steven Dady
  • Brittany Daniel
  • Samuel David
  • Kelly W. Davis
  • Madison S. Deaver
  • Jean Delkhaste
  • Eric DeLoretta
  • Lauren deMauregne
  • Jessica DeShaw 3:08 PM
  • Rae Lynn Devine
  • Jennifer Deyaing
  • Jonathan Diaz
  • Gabe de Dios
  • Gina Dobson
  • Desarae A. Dotson
  • Bill Douglas
  • Abraham A. Duella
  • Emmet Duffy
  • Cindy DuLong
  • Jake DuPree
  • Joseph A. Bunaham Durant
  • Joe Van Dyke
  • Beach Eastwood
  • Lisa Eaton
  • Kota Eberhardt
  • Layne Eiler
  • Raymond Ejiofor
  • Frederick Emmerson
  • Brittany Falk
  • Chris Farah
  • Alyin Fernandez
  • Zamara Fernandez
  • Julia Fife
  • Heather Flores
  • Tibor Fober
  • David Charles Franklin
  • Sydney Freggiaro
  • Mariella Freyre
  • Jared Frieder
  • Galit Friedlander
  • Kathy Frye
  • Makayla Brooke Galindo
  • Callista Gallerani
  • Kimmy Gatenoor
  • Victoria Geil
  • Dianne Geivett
  • Arne Gelten
  • Karen Gevorkian
  • Brian Gibbs
  • Malik Gillins
  • Ronald L. Glass
  • Christopher Troy Gonzalez
  • Jamie González
  • Adisa Gooding-Henry
  • Alana Gospodnetich
  • Jasper Gough
  • Avery Gough
  • David Graf
  • Isaac Gray
  • Isaiah Gray
  • Alyssa Gray
  • Joy D. Green
  • Rodnesha Green
  • Andrew Grosso
  • Sarah Gul-Mohamed
  • Moniqu Guzman
  • Luke Haeger
  • Erik Hall
  • Tamara Ham
  • Erina Hamada
  • Juliet Hantig
  • Matt Harfield
  • Kelvin Harris, Jr.
  • Ryna Harrison
  • Aye Hasegawa
  • David Hawkins
  • Ivy Heeny
  • Josh Heller
  • Naomi Henderson
  • Nic Hernandez
  • Eduardo Hernandez
  • Bonnie Hernandez
  • Amy Hessler 6:12 AM
  • Aaron Hicks
  • John Hicti
  • Natsuko “Coco” Higashikawa
  • Marlee Hightower 6:48am
  • Marlon Hightower 6:48am
  • Olana Himmel
  • Amalia Holl
  • Anne-Marie “Diamondback Annie” Holman
  • Alyssa Hovey
  • Isaiah Howard
  • Corlina Hoyes
  • Steve Huang
  • Christy Huertas
  • Giulia Isacchini
  • Shawntae Jackson
  • Tami Dewell James
  • Ellie Jameson
  • Michelle Janine
  • Daniel Jaquez
  • Morgan Jenkins 11:44 PM.
  • Saudia Jenkins
  • Sarah Jenks
  • Trent Jeray 3:52 PM
  • Diamond Johnson
  • Jackie Johnson
  • Brittany Johnson
  • Dorothy Jean Joly
  • Grace L. Jones
  • Mao Kawakami
  • Sammy Kaye
  • Briana Kennedy
  • Jeremy Kesner
  • Torey Ketcham
  • Ara Keuroghun
  • Beckie Kiefer
  • Callie Kiefer
  • Ellen Kim 2:04 AM?
  • Essence King
  • Princess King
  • Jason Richard Kirby
  • NayNay Kirby
  • Kasi Kirkpatrick
  • Daniel Kwan 1:32am (more)
  • Bailey LaFlam
  • Quinn Lake
  • Scott Laurie
  • Jamie Lawrence
  • Julia-Thao V Lê
  • Georgina Leahy
  • David Leavitt
  • Harlem Lee
  • Brian Lee
  • Kendel LeGore
  • Francesca Leigh
  • Alexandra Lemelle
  • Will Leon
  • Cynthia Lester (IMDB) 4:48am
  • Siláwn Lewis
  • Tanita Ligons
  • David “Dash Riprock” Lipkin
  • Dava Liu
  • Everth López
  • Mandi Lowery 2:24 AM
  • Aerick Luckie
  • Anthony Andre Mack
  • Naiqui MaCobroad
  • Bill Manaqun
  • Alfredo Mancuso
  • Kathleen Mangan
  • Artur Manvelyan
  • Cerise Marchon
  • Teri Marlowe 4:36pm
  • Jamel Marshall
  • Isabel Martin-Horwth
  • Jose Martinez
  • Eddie Martinez
  • Jore Mana Amsel Martinez
  • Nikki Marvin
  • Tony Maseno
  • Hillary Matthews
  • Sean McBride
  • Ashleigh McGordan
  • Brian McGowan
  • Katherin McGowan
  • Jos McKain  (misspelled in credits as “Jes McKain”)
  • Erinilda Medeiros
  • Sergio Mendes 10:32 AM
  • Alberto David Mercado
  • Darwyn Metzger
  • Mikayla & Callie
  • Dustin Miller
  • Kevin Mimms
  • Albert Minero, Jr.
  • Ariana Moini
  • KC MoMillan
  • Nylah Mondesir
  • Chloe Mondesir
  • David Moore
  • Edgar Morgan
  • Tommy Morrison
  • Monica Moskatow 7:56AM (her youtube channel and her Happy Dance Audition!)
  • Omar Mosley
  • Aliyah Moulden
  • Terence Mufaland
  • Mike Munich
  • Jenny Muscatelli
  • Cameron Navam
  • Justin Nesbitt
  • Kevin Nguyen
  • Joseph Niemeier
  • Tyrell Noel
  • Warren Nomi
  • Deanna O’Bryan
  • Natalya Oliver 1:36PM
  • Jouré Omar
  • Annabell Osorio
  • Jon Overgaauw
  • Roxanne “Roxy Rene” Pacheco
  • Mitch Pearlstein
  • Marlon Pelayo
  • Rhoda Pell at 9:04AM.
  • Brianna Perez
  • Tuyla Peters
  • Trina Peterson
  • Trina Nicole Peterson
  • Timothy J. Petracca
  • Breanna Phillips
  • Avelavunee Phillips
  • Brian”BJ” Pierce, Jr.
  • Fatima Poenyoub
  • Frankie Ponce
  • Tara-Jean Popouich
  • George Powell
  • Ashton Powers
  • Ondreu Psenicka
  • Allison Quiller
  • Jon Raagas
  • Mattias Ramos at 5:56 AM Original audition video is here.
  • Charlie Ramos
  • Samuel Ramzy
  • Beau Ray
  • Rebecca Ray
  • Gavin Logan Raygoza
  • Jonathan Redavid 2:20pm
  • Vicki Reed
  • Amber Reed
  • Lupida Resh
  • Heather Reyes
  • Victor Reyes
  • Alfredo Reyna
  • Holly Richards
  • Hannah Richte
  • Veondra Roxxanne Riley
  • Luisa Rivera, Jr.
  • Billy D. Robertson
  • Estella Robinson
  • Jack Robinson
  • Alfonso Rodriguez
  • Nick Rodriques
  • Meredith Rogers
  • Sapna Rohra 9:16 PM
  • James Ross
  • Dylan Russcet
  • Faisal Salah
  • Azzle Salais
  • Olivia G. Salerno
  • Anastasia Salinger
  • Sasha Salinger
  • Elin Sandegard
  • J. Eric Sandoval
  • Anthony Sands
  • Reynaldo C. Santiago, Jr.
  • Sami Martin Sarmientov
  • Daniel Scheinert 1:32am ,(more)
  • Page Schorer
  • Page R. Sdn
  • Mahesh Seneviratue
  • Chaldea Sevilla 6:32 pm
  • Kristen Shapero
  • Loretta Shenosky 9:16AM.
  • Kiara Sieen
  • Melanie Siegel
  • Simmie “Boobly” Sims
  • Felicia Skrzypek
  • Jarrett Sleeper
  • Aaron Smith
  • Sterling Smith
  • Lauren Smith
  • Gwendolin Smith
  • Harpal Sodhi
  • Hannah Sotelo
  • Samie Soulogheh
  • Hope Spear
  • Anaya Sperlin
  • Neal Spinler
  • Carole Stanford
  • Melissa Staroszik
  • Ross Steeves
  • Athena Sterig
  • Alejandra Suayde
  • Yannnus Sufandi
  • Art Sughyan
  • Genevieve Svehiak
  • Theodore Szeto
  • Joanna Szeto
  • Etsgenet Tadesse
  • Arlene Tai, 4:20 PM
  • Ada Tai, 4:20 PM
  • Tsuyoshi Takayama
  • Mikaela Tallut
  • Louisa Tampi
  • Justine Tauriainen
  • Shaka Terry
  • Hondo Tey
  • Cleveland Third
  • Dayzjah Thomas
  • Whitmer Thomas
  • Jason Sensation Thomas
  • Ella Thomas
  • Nyah Monet Thompson
  • Cynthia Marie Thompson
  • Kumei Tneorio
  • Arleen Torgersen
  • David Torres
  • Gustavo Torres
  • Shenika Travis
  • Angela Trimbur (aka the “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching Girl”)  12: 24 AM
  • Marilou Troadec
  • Derrick T. Tuggle  12:20AM 
  • Alceem Turner
  • Nadia Vazquez
  • Tyler Vazquez
  • Clayton Velasquez
  • Liane Vitzk
  • Tonya Vivian
  • Minn Vo 2:20pm
  • Kara J. Wade
  • Bo Walker
  • Zoe Savannah Walker
  • John Ward
  • Jasmiru Shira Ware
  • Daisy Washington
  • Charity Watts
  • Ricky Webb
  • Brooke-Monaé Westbrook
  • Michelle Westbrook
  • Shawna Whitlock
  • Dallas Wiley
  • Deferra Williams
  • Ashley Williams
  • Xuly Williams
  • Josh Williams
  • Nicholas Williams
  • Rosalind Williams
  • Deshawnte “Smoothgalaxy” Williams
  • Phoebe Wilson
  • Michael Wilson
  • David Wincheu
  • Jenna Winn
  • Connie Wong
  • Alex Wong
  • John Wusab
  • Drew Wyman
  • Malcolm Xavier
  • Francesco Yates
  • Maritza Lerman Yoes
  • Gina Young
  • Katherina Zabe
  • Katrin Zales
  • Adisa Ziric
  • Isabella Zubor
  • Jill Zwarensteyn



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101 responses to “Robert’s Ultimate Guide to all 24 hours of Pharrell Williams’ Happy Video”

  1. richard Avatar

    i am trying find who the girl was at 5:48pm.

  2. Kenny B Avatar
    Kenny B

    Amy Hessler 8:12am, Natalya Oliver 1:36pm, Iman Crosson (aka Alphacat) 12:40pm. Who is the beauty at 12:36pm? 🙂

    FROM ROBERT Thanks. Added.

  3. Kenny B Avatar
    Kenny B

    Sorry, Amy Hessler is at 6:12am. My bad.

  4. Robert Nagle Avatar

    For future commenters: If I want to respond to an information question, I will do it at the bottom of your comment — don’t look for me to respond in a separate comment. I really appreciate clues to people’s identities and if you don’t get an answer, wait a week or two 🙂 I have been trying to monitor youtube comments for info and people’s twitter feeds as well. Another thing. If you are not 100% sure but 75% sure (for example), let me know — and then I can try to figure it out.

  5. Kenny B Avatar
    Kenny B

    Megan Batoon 6:44pm, Marlee Hightower 6:48am. My apologies for the typo on the Amy Hessler time, she’s a theater actor and has her own website that bears her name. Great idea here!

    ROBERT: Thanks. Added and corrected.

  6. Stacie Hebert Avatar
    Stacie Hebert

    Robert, GAWD, how did you get the names of the dancers?? I am SO curious!

    I would like to help you with this project, if you can arrange for us to coordinate, and you want help of course 🙂 . I am a social scientist and find this to be a fascinating experiment that shows so many sides of people and also of L.A., which I love as well. My favorite part of this whole idea is the people who volunteered to get their one shot to dance their hearts out for just 4 minutes on video.

    I watched most of the 24 hours – in doses and I fast forwarded through a number (usually the ones that were inside buildings I found less interesting than the city ones), so that I could watch parts of a couple while one 4-minute song played, flipping back and forth – in other words, I watched 2-4 at once. I saved times/links to my faves, or just ones that stood out in some way, and made a comment to identify them for later review. Most of the shots in the official video are ones I have marked down, as to time of day.

    Also, I was very curious about the locations and got lots of street and business names, so that I have general and specific information about the areas used for each hour. Let me know if you want that list and if we can combine our efforts to catalog/document this awesome creation!

    ROBERT REPLIES: I wrote her an email reply. To summarize what I said: I’d LOVE for anyone to provide details about locations — street intersections, etc. From now on, I’m going to try to collect this information and perhaps make a Google map of it. As you can tell, cataloguing all the dance segments is a huge undertaking, and it would be better to use some kind of collaborative system to share the burden. I’m currently looking into a solution in Google Docs which would publish dynamically into a HTML website and allow multiple authors. A wiki could probably do the job, but I’m trying to avoid that for several reasons (mostly technical). I know that eventually a wikipedia page will be created for the 24 hours video (Heck, I may even be the one to do it!), but for now I’m just gathering info and want the freedom to comment/editorialize in a way that is not under the Wikipedia NPOV strait jacket.

    If you are interested in contributing, perhaps you could volunteer to “adopt” one of the hours I haven’t gotten around to, gather basic data in the same basic format and then I can transfer it to my tables when you’re done. If you’re interested in doing that, drop me an email (idiotprogrammer at or make a comment on this blog post.

  7. Mateus Avatar

    Anyone know the girl at 1:36am?

  8. Neto Avatar

    I was trying to get her name too tho

  9. kidimi Avatar

    Anyone know the name of/at 3:40 PM???

  10. Edward C. Avatar
    Edward C.

    I really like the swing dancing couple at 9:08 AM. They dance so well, I almost suspect them of being professionals.

  11. Brandi Avatar

    That guy at 12:40pm looks familiar (and he’s cute, too).

  12. Will Avatar

    Leah LaBelle is the girl in the restaurant at 12:01:13

    Blonde Roller Girl at 8:24:08 is pretty great.

    Robert : Added. Agreed, I hadn’t seen roller girl yet!

  13. Eugene Avatar

    Who is that girl at 10:36am??
    OMG! She’s a natural beauty!

  14. Lane Barden Avatar

    I would like to know who is the cool girl in the 11:40 am spot, walking down the street with the beanie pulled down over her head and the colorful dress. Can you do an interview with her? I’m (and my 11 year old son) are such a fan..

  15. Rebecca Avatar

    OK…***WHO** is the hottie at 12:56pm? Reminds me of a young Chan Tatum!!!

    FROM ROBERT: I just wanted to say that I am still setting up. I haven’t even seen a lot of the people — although I make it a point to look at every segment after someone mentions it here. I check the youtube comments every week or so to see what identities have been learned and try to update the latest information ASAP. So check back here periodically.

  16. Japneesh Singh Avatar
    Japneesh Singh

    The beautiful Indian girl at 9:16 p.m. is Sapna Rohra !!

  17. teri marlowe Avatar
    teri marlowe

    Hi, I’m one of the dancers in the Pharrell Williams 24 hour video, but it’s so long I can’t find myself. Can you help me? I’m a 43 years old large breasted blonde wearing a bright orange dress with a little brown sequence sweater. Thanks!

    ROBERT RESPONDS: I contacted her by email. Here are Photos from one of her movies (she’s the blonde).

  18. Richard Avatar

    Robert, there isn’t any section in your large table above for the 2 PM dancers. One of the two swing dancers at 2:20 PM is Minn Vo:

    Does anyone know who the Asian guy dancing with the backpack and scooter is at 2:16 PM?

    ROBERT RESPONDS Thanks! I should be getting around to 2:00 PM soon! That pair is one of the best dancers in the 24 hours!

  19. Richard Avatar

    And the two dudes at 1:32 AM are Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan:

    Robert Responds: Thanks. I added. I thought those guys were great!

  20. Cynthia Lester Avatar
    Cynthia Lester

    4:48am- I’m the free-spirit hotel maid coming home from work late night who is unstoppable and wont let ” bad news talking this and that” break her, waste her time, or hold her back from being “happy” and making due with the little time she has to have some fun, wipe the stress away, and let go! contact me if you want an interview

    Robert Responds Yippee! (I contacted her privately– stay tuned for the interview.)

  21. Cynthia Lester Avatar
    Cynthia Lester

    Time: 5:52 PM
    Name(s): Crazy Guy #1 on the Bridge with the “yes” shirt

    I think this is one of my crushes Danny Dolan? anybody is that him? and can someone identify what hour Ryan Heffington is at, i still haven’t seen his bit…

    Robert Responds Dolan is not in the credits, so I’m going to hold off on him now. I think I’ve seen Heffington already, though I don’t remember where.

  22. Cynthia Lester Avatar
    Cynthia Lester

    $$ money tshirt boy is Jos Mckain (the credits say Jes McKain)!!! mmmm! to dance with him is exquisite!!!
    Time: 5:56 PM
    Name(s): Crazy Guy #2 on the Bridge with the money shirt

    Robert Responds: Added. Thanks.

  23. Arez Avatar

    I desperately want to know the guy at 5:04 a.m.
    I try to google it one by one of the name on the list, but still can’t found his name. 🙁

  24. Jemima Avatar

    The young man at 7:20pm is doing Irish “hardshoe” step dance, where all the action is down at the feet. The film crew doesn’t seem clued in to this at first so some of his moves aren’t visible! He is doing some pretty advanced step combinations, wish all of them could be seen.

    Robert Responds . You are right! He’s a great dancer, and at key parts the camera operator misses the footwork. But after looking at several of the dance segments, I realize how hard it is to frame these dancers properly.

  25. Heather a.k.a Snowflake Avatar

    Thank you so much for your comments about my roller dancing and including links to my videos on Youtube! The director actually startled me a couple of times because he kept yelling at me to keep skating forward. You do see me stumble at the very end of my clip after he yelled, “Quick! Skate out of the shot!” LOL! Another crazy thing was that they didn’t plan out a place for me to roller skate! They kept driving me to locations with wet sand, weeds growing up through the uneven sidewalks, and bumpy roads with loose rocks. All were extremely dangerous locations for a roller dancer! After being driven around for over two hours in the heat, I was ready to quit and go home. Luckily, there was somebody in the production crew who ran ahead and found a smooth sidewalk that I could skate on. I am extremely grateful to whomever that crew member was! I am happy that I ended up roller dancing in the video! I will contact several of my friends who appear in this video and have them give you their info! Thanks again! 😀

  26. Monica Moskatow Avatar

    Hello Robert,
    I’m really grateful that you’ve taken an interest in the video and of all of the dancers personally. Also thank you for listing me as one of your favorites! It’s always a pleasure to hear when I have entertained them. Shooting the video was a great experience and I would love to share my story with you and how I got to be in it. Keep up the great work and feel free to contact me through my email. Thanks a lot!

    Monica Moskatow (Bollywood Girl 7:56am)

  27. Richard Avatar

    Yesssss, who is the 5:04 AM guy?? And 2:16 PM with the backpack! They’re the best two in the whole thing!

  28. Duane Avatar

    Who is the lady at 2:44AM? The “Animal T-Shirt Woman?” Great work on this site!

  29. Antonio Avatar

    The name of the girl of 3:40 PM…anyone knows???

  30. Timmy Avatar

    Alex Wong is at 10:53am?

  31. Steve Avatar

    The Jiggly guy with a fan at 11:28 AM loses this sunglasses soon after he’s going, but doesn’t lose a beat!

  32. David Niewolski Avatar
    David Niewolski

    I’d like some information on the woman at 11:32 am.

    David N

    Robert responds : David, I’ll keep an eye out for this one and report if I find a name for her.

  33. Eryn Avatar

    You kind of missed out on the entire 10:00-11:00 time slot, but when you get around to putting it in you can add Rob Zabrecky at 10:12AM. The setting is Union Station. Rob Zabrecky is a magician and actor, frequently appearing at the Magic Castle.

    Robert Responds : Thanks! I think this weekend I’ll get around to the 10AM people! Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason to what order I am going through the dancers.

  34. Mann Avatar

    i’m also curious about the girl at 3:40pm. i think she dances great and is also incredibly sexy. and she looks like she loves being in front of a camera. it’s just too bad the sun shining right into the camera interferes with our view of her.

    Robert Responds . Thanks! Sorry, I forgot to talk about that dance. She’s great, and I agree the sun really got in the way!

  35. Dan Avatar

    The 6:00AM hour is missing from your list. In the early part of the hour, they are heading South on Silver Lake Boulevard. They pass Fanning St. and Eastery Terr. in the video, but the video is all mirror image (note the words on the signs are all reversed). Also, 5:40 – 5:48AM is heading south on Vermont Parkway starting at Griffith Park.
    Good luck with your project!

  36. DavidN Avatar


    Katie Malia is the very talented and lovely performer appearing at 11:32AM. There’s lots of her very funny persona online.


    Robert Responds: Thanks. Another person not listed on the original dance credits. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

  37. Mann Avatar

    at 12:48am, the motorcycle riders are in the city of glendale, making a right turn from glendale blvd. onto san fernando rd., heading south. they soon cross back into the city of los angeles, passing an LAPD station on the right(note the large “POLICE” sign). they then make a right on fletcher dr. and head westbound. from 2:56pm – 3:12pm, the action moves to the city of pasadena, at(as can be clearly seen) the first baptist church at the corner of marengo ave. and holly st. from 3:16pm until at least 3:48pm they are in the highland park section of los angeles.

  38. S'toon Avatar

    So, I was watching the 6am video. Then I noticed a STOP sign had backwards lettering, and the cars were parked/driving on the wrong side of the road. At 12 minutes in they flip the video so it’s a mirror image of the neighbourhood. I wonder why they did that.

    Robert replies : Yes, I had heard that too. I’m sure there’s a production reason for this — or maybe somebody just messed up!

  39. DeeM Avatar

    So I am not sure but the woman in the train station at 10:28am looks a lot like Ellen Muth from Dead Like Me, does anyone else think so? She is not listed in the credits though and i could be wrong since she is wearing large sunglasses. Robert do you know who she is?

  40. LUV Avatar

    That little preteen acrobatic girl was the most amazing performer! 12:44 ♥ 12:48 p.m.! W.O.W.

  41. Kuma Avatar

    … just dropping by to say thank you for all the work you put into this. found the 24h vid a few hours ago and couldn’t stop watching since then. found your page while looking for the ‘lonely boy’ guy. checking out your ratings and direct links to the vids (fun ratings by the way, haha, keep it up), cheers!

  42. cheryl Avatar

    5:48 AM is James Ross – comedian and all around sex guy

  43. Jack Avatar

    Who is the beautiful lady at 2:44AM? The “Tiger T-Shirt Woman?”
    She makes me really happy when I see her dancing.
    Happy greetings from Jack

  44. Stratos Avatar

    Whats the girl’s name in 7:20am anyway;
    Im in love ;P
    Awesome work Robert

  45. Semyon Avatar

    Who knows the girl at 1:12(AM)?

  46. Michelle Westbrook Avatar
    Michelle Westbrook

    2:56am : one of our favorite experiences together! I was NOT scheduled to be in it and tried to get out of it, however they needed a mom and selected me. So glad I did it! It made my daughter so happy! I only remember the location when we are in the area. We changed locations several times that night. The production crew were the nicest people to work with, especially for a project of this magnitude.
    Brooke-Monae loves to dance, sing, act, and model! You can see her in Kids React.

  47. Richard Avatar

    Does someone knows the name of the girl at 1:52 am? I like her a lot

  48. Jensen Roth Avatar
    Jensen Roth

    Who is the woman @ 6:24pm?

  49. Jensen Roth Avatar
    Jensen Roth

    Sorry 6:26pm?

  50. jason Wisch Avatar

    I was they driving the car at 4:16am. I am also the location manager. This Sunday I won Location manager of the year, music videos for Happy.

  51. Michelle Avatar

    I am trying to find the girl at 11:20pm. She is my TWIN! I have had several people ask me if I was that girl. I show this to people all the time and they think that it is me or my twin sister. WHERE ARE YOU TWIN??

  52. Terence Bridle Avatar
    Terence Bridle

    I am sure I saw Benedict Cumerbatch near the end.

    Am I right, or am I going crazy?

    PLEASE put me out of my misery one way or another.


  53. william Avatar

    Could someone please tell me the name of the girl at 7:44 PM?

  54. Jim Avatar

    Hi, I came across your site because I was looking for specific people in the video. I think your site is great. I noticed that you’re missing the whole section of 10 AM. In this hour, I really enjoy the guy that looks like a combination of John Malkovich and Anthony Perkins (Psycho) at 10:16 AM. And section 6 AM is missing too. Or do you only add a section when you have identified someone within that section? Keep up the great work and thank you.

    Robert Replies : I’m been unusually busy these last few months and I’ll complete the missing hours as soon as I can. Honestly, the time away from the project might let me view it with a fresh perspective.

  55. Jim Avatar

    According to the website article and after viewing the time slot, Gavin Degraw is at 5:45 PM.

  56. Jim Avatar

    I believe Ryan Heffington is at 4:08 PM, at least, it looks like him.

  57. William Avatar

    Please can anyone tell me who is that girl at 10:36am ?

  58. Richard Avatar

    What about the girls name at 1:36 AM ?

  59. Dave Avatar

    Who is the beautiful dancer at 12:36 pm?

  60. fábio Avatar

    what is the name of the girl dancing in time 1:36 am

  61. Michael Corben Avatar
    Michael Corben

    Who is the girl at 12:04 AM, she is the best one of all?

  62. Jairo Avatar

    1:36 am girl’s name…!! Who is that gorgeous girl..???

  63. Douglas S Avatar
    Douglas S

    Kelli Osborne!! Right on the money! Dancing down Hollywood Blvd. at 1:30 in the morning, Awesome!!

  64. HSP Avatar

    Please share the name of the amazing female dancer at 7:15PM.
    She has to be a professional dancer and she probably has an amazing portfolio of her work posted somewhere!!

  65. Ell Avatar

    Please tell me who are name twin girls? It’s so difficult.

  66. Desmond Avatar

    Who is the girl at 12:12 am? She looks familiar.

  67. Steve Avatar

    My fav is the girl @1:35 dancing down Hollywood Blvd. Really like her energy.

  68. Sam Watkins Avatar

    I made an index with 1 pic for each minute of the 24 hours!

    It can also play a “happy of the day” or a random clip.

  69. Greg Avatar

    Robert – thanks so much for these labors of love and joy! Check out Mr. Limber at 1:24 pm ‘cuz he’s just jointing his ‘limbs’ round beauty crazily! He stops traffic playfully, even gets a merchant to freelance behind him near the end…

  70. PharrellDuhBomb Avatar

    That big dude at 4:16 p.m. is Gian Molina, co-star of Rebel Entertainment and occasional BuzzFeed guest!
    Watch his improv! You can find him @gianmolina or on Facebook.

  71. PharrellDuhBomb Avatar

    BTW, those twins at 4:20 p.m. are none other than Ada and Arlene Tai, who were conjoined in the movie Big Fish (2003)!

  72. Jerry Avatar

    Who is the girl with the torn jeans and frizzy hair at 5:48 pm. I think that she is beautiful and she looks very happy and comfortable in herself. I think it would be a pleasure to know her.

  73. charlie Avatar

    Who is the young man at 10:04 am? He is my favorite dancer. So good and so expressive. Full of energy and fun to watch. Hope to see him dancing again in some venue! Great job!

  74. Brenda Jackson Avatar
    Brenda Jackson

    Hi everyone, I want to thank everyone who took the time to express the emotion of happiness. This year 2016 I have made it a point to listen to this song every morning, in hopes of changing my mood and outlook on the day. I’m a very sensitive person and pick up on emotions easily. I’m “Happy”” to report about three weeks into my active listening I found that the song poppin in my head to change my mood and changed the circumstance of what I happened to be feeling at that time. I felt “Happy”…need less to say..I’m still
    listening today and I’m glad to share this with you all. I hope this let’s you know you have reach more people than you know. A mom at 50.😊

  75. Loretta Shenosky Avatar
    Loretta Shenosky

    Hello Robert,
    I dance at 9:16am. My name is Loretta Shenosky. Also dance in Megan Trainor’s video “Better When I’m Dancin’”, and Galantis “Peanut Butter Jelly”, and FIR “I’m Not A Vampire”.

  76. AddictedToHappy Avatar

    Steven Wayne is 7:20 PM (Irish steps). Very few names on the dancers, very disappointing. This site could be so much more.

    For crying out loud, names that are in these comments aren’t even transcribed. Perhaps the time has come to learn what “delegation” is. OR, someone out there, start a new effort. If someone just put in 5 minutes per day there would be a nice list in only weeks.

    And readers: comment. Sheesh, no one has identified that unbelievable STILTS guy??

  77. Rita Simms Washington Avatar
    Rita Simms Washington

    I thought I saw Christopher Martin of the famous 80’s duo, “KID AND PLAY”. Did he appear or was that someone who looked and danced like him?

  78. Tyler May Avatar
    Tyler May

    Who’s the ballerina at the bowling alley (11:04 PM)?

  79. Leonardo Avatar

    Hello, I’d love to help you out. I have a lot of free time and I listen to this song every single day. If you would like my help, please let me know. I’d be more than HAPPY.

  80. Daniel Avatar

    Wanted to know who the girl is 7:44. Green pant and white top with a blue jacket. Been all over trying to find a name. Can’t seem to find one.

  81. Douglas B Avatar
    Douglas B

    Zaire Adams is at 6:20pm 🙂

  82. Rob O Avatar

    Thank you for this website and the information you’ve provided through it. I have a listing of the locations of each of the 360 vignettes and wanted you let you and other fans of the video aware of it. It can be found at

  83. Michelle Avatar

    I am still on the hunt for the awesome chick at 11:20pm! Anyone? I would love to find my twin 🙂

  84. Christine Avatar

    Is there a map of the locations of the shoot?

  85. James Avatar

    I am working on a map, will post when it’s ready…

  86. Cam Avatar

    Wonderful website. I am late to the party because I am old. But now I can’t stop watching the videos. What an effort on your part. Love the hula hoop girl and the guy in the teal shirt, and so many others. Everyone looks like they enjoyed it. Pharrell was great.

  87. Ted Kkachi Avatar
    Ted Kkachi

    Dava Liu is at 7:36 am.

  88. Debra Smith Avatar

    who is the park ranger in Griffith park at 5:24 AM. Love the video.

  89. James Avatar

    Map of locations is in progress at Please feel free to contribute by editing it.

  90. Laura Avatar

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the video to play between 4 pm and around 8pm?

  91. Oliver Avatar

    Who is the girl @ 5:52 AM?

  92. El Jayne Avatar
    El Jayne

    1:32 PM are Lindy Hoppers Nick Williams and Nicky Marvin. They are two of the best in the world. Should probably add them 🙂

  93. Bogdan Avatar
    Bogdan is currently down. (error “ is currently unable to handle this request.” or “The website cannot display the page”, depending on the browser used)
    Is it out of commission? Thank you.

  94. Eric Avatar

    It’s been a while since I watched extensive parts of the 24 hours, but Bill Nye (The Science Guy) dances, as I recall he does a whole song, and in the short official video he’s visible at 2:36.

    I was trying to identify someone else in the 24 hours stretch. There needs to be a way of automating this and just snapping a frame every 4 minutes to find each segment!

  95. Carmen Avatar

    I love this, my favorite is the 1:32 am girl with the yellow shirt walking down Hollywood. She is gorgeous and I love all the faces she makes. What is her name.

  96. Steven Avatar

    Well done, very good job here!
    At the moment my fav ones are 9:24am, that Hispanic girl looks so spry and that man/seller started to dance behind here is so funny!
    Also I have found that roller skater at 8:24am really enjoyable, she is very skilled and interesting to watch.
    And that kid at 9:48!! Super!

  97. Ricardo Avatar

    La mejor lejos, es la chica morena, de azul, jeans y zapatillas verde claras, que lleva un bolso.. Que baila en la gasolinera. Me gustaría contactarme para felicitarla. lleva muy bien el ritmo, variedad de movimientos, algo de actuación. what is she name? your face book. Me hice fan de ese video en especial

  98. Aamir Avatar

    Hi, Pls tell me the name at 1:36 am girl.. wow i never knew about this video was shot for 24 hours I always thought it was a single video with so many youtube views… Man Robert one great work u have done… Also we need more videos like this.. \m/

  99. whoever Avatar

    Excellent effort here, thanks for all the work. The (clearly) professional dancer at 6:24pm is also sitting at the diner/restaurant table when Pharrell sits down at noon. Wish I knew who she was. Great dancer and in two spots!

    Robert Replies: Thanks for your input. Unfortunately I must have accidentally turned off the table feature, but I turned it on again — and subdivided the tables into 4 hour blocks for easier browsing. This has inspired me to continue work reviewing each dance. I have really missed a lot of the 6 PM-10PM people and will try to fill out the page somewhat soon.

  100. Jackson Klyn Avatar
    Jackson Klyn

    Hey I’m really late to the party, but do you kown who’s the girl at 5:12 PM? I don’t know why but I liked her very much. On the bus at the bus Yard on College St. just after Steve Carrell

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